Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best android mobile apps for your handyman, home improvement DIY projects

Hello DIYers,You can use your smartphone and these great apps to help you with all aspects of your DIY projects.These are the android apps we would like to recommend for home improvement/handyman DIY projects.


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Houzz: (

Looking for some inspiration for remodeling? this is best app we have found for design ideas. You can flip through thousands of pictures and products to find inspiration.

What we like about it: quality and quantity of content, superb UI design

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Magic Plan:(

Create a floor plan on your smartphone/tablet, the automatic

What we like about it: convenient function, decent UI design


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Home Depot:(

Great app for shopping, performance has improved a lot since initial launch. Features we like:
search with filter, category, tags.
review inventory in your local store for a specific item.
review local ad and workshop information
manage a shopping list
store map, locating a product on store map
common tools, such as drywall calculator and converter.
scan product barcode to find information about a product.

What we like about it: convenient functions, superb UI design and performance

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Great app for shopping with similar functions(if not the same) as the home depot app.

What we like about it: convenient functions, superb UI design and performance


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Handyman calculator:(

in this app, you can find just about any calculations you will ever need for handyman home improvement project! the UI is little subpar ,but function is great.

What we like about it: convenient functions


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Last but not least, our own handymobi app.
Turn your phone into a smart DIY project organizer and guide!

HandyMobi is the best app to help home owners or renters plan, organize, execute, and share DIY home improvement projects.

Included is a free toolbox containing a unit converter, level tool, & calculator.

You can prepare/purchase materials, view step by step pictures & videos, follow voice instructions, take notes and save them, calculate cost, contact support/labor, share your project or progress with friends/family, manage a shopping list, and much more.

Not only does this app solve your needs, it also enables you to create projects that share your ingenious solutions with those who may share your frustration.