Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Great home improvement DIY projects for Winter!

Everyone thinks summer is the best season for home improvement DIY projects. But here are some great home improvement DIY projects for winter!

While it's true that winter is not a good time to build your new deck or take on any outdoor home improvement projects, it can be a good time to take on some cool home improvement DIY projects too, especially indoors. It's also a good time to find some crazy good deal on tools, material and professional services, since it's a low season for home improvement. So besides spending time with your family and friends, you can improve your home during the holiday season!

Here are some cool home improvement DIY projects shared on the handymobi app! Let's start with some simple and quick ones!

Feeling the cold draft by the window? fix in 1 hour with $20. No need to spend thousands of dollars to replace your window with newer ones. Just follow this simple DIY project. Click on pictures to see full detail, including step by step, material/tool list and comments by DIYers!

Now, get some warmth in the bathroom with this DIY project, I mean warmth that you can feel. 😁

Is caulking in your bathroom getting old and dirty, fix in 1 hour with this cool project.

If you are more ambitious and have some DIY power, take on one of the bigger projects!

We like the tile pattern and barn door!

We like the very unique hex shape tile, but it takes some work to put these down.

Hope you will enjoy these cool DIY projects, if you do, Download the app, save it to your project list and share it with your friends! Have questions on these projects or other DIY topics? post comment on the projects or post a question in the forum. Happy DIY!