Friday, July 7, 2017

home improvement projects that will increase your home value! with great examples!

Housing market is hot right now, wondering what you can do to increase the value of your house? according to Zillow, these are the 5 types of projects that will increase the value of your home! Kitchen,Bathroom,Yard, Painting and Flooring.
Not a surprise to us at handymobi, because these projects are the most shared/viewed/liked DIY projects on handymobi, DIYers in our community knows!

    here are some great examples of beautiful home improvement projects to increase your house value! good DIY work pays off!
    1. 1. Shower Renovation Project
    Give your bathroom a complete facelift! with new tiles, shower pan and stylish shower door, I am sure this handymobi user increase her home value!
    By turning the always-flooded, almost-abandoned backyard into a outdoor paradise for dogs, BBQ, This DIY project has turned this yard from trash to treasure!
    This project turns a wall into a pleasing piece of art! This house is totally transformed by this project!
    These are just some of the great home improvement projects shared on the handymobi app! DOWNLOAD the app to see thousands more and share yours, conveniently from your phone!

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